Kaï-Chun Chang


- My Mirror, Your Window

- Distant Lights Repeat on Mind
- Passage

- Closed Eyes to See I
- Closed Eyes to See II
- Closed Eyes to See III

- Schema
- Gleams

- Flux
- When Words Don’t Cross Anymore

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Kai-Chun Chang is a Taiwanese artist based in Paris. His works span different media such as painting, collage and photography. His creation focusses primarily on the representation of light and space, and their subtle pictural relationship. 

In his paintings, with repeated crossovers formed by slow and gentle gestures, the diluted paint accumulates and embodies the different spectra of light.

 Working on the notion of screen, primary and refined forms appear in his works as pictorial spaces, whether they are epidermal and deep or floating and luminous. These forms are places that invoke fragments of memory and pure sensations. They appear as quiet interior landscapes who invite for contemplation.

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04.04.2020 / 03.05.2020 I / 09.04.2020 / 14.04.2020 II /  11.04.2020 / 09.04.2020 / 09.04.2020 / 02.04.2020 / 05.05.2020 I  -  acrylic and printmaking inks on paper, 36x46 cm